Xolar Vibronics Coaching

Here is a glimpse of the essence ~ the work is to assist you in your personal process of self-investigation of your soul’s afflictions to help bring consciousness to what has deviated your soul’s divine sacred agreement. The consciousness comes through the Original Living Wisdom and returns you to a state of holding your power with dignity. This process is sacred, beautiful, personal and deeply fulfilling for the soul.

Xolar Vibronics Energy Clearing

This subtle and gentle clearing of negative energy helps to remove what is saturating the luminous, energetic and physical bodies. Be open to experience deeper relaxation, bringing in light where there is an accumulation of dense, compressed and toxic energy. This modality is offered along with bodywork and as part of the spiritual and lifestyle coaching sessions that are engaged in person.

Prices for Coaching

Complimentary 20 minute introductory coaching session!

Schedule with Christina


For inquiries about pricing, contact Christina. Reciprocity will be determined through an energetic reading.