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Koginka Sewaluna Foundation

A letter of request to you dear soul,

I have been given the privilege to receive from my mentor the Original Living Wisdom. The impeccable holistic practitioner, Andean master and ordained Mama, Koginka Kamaru Xue, has held sacredly and works tirelessly to preserve this knowledge of our wise elders. His dedication, service, and sacrifice to hold this wisdom along with the acts of preservation, protection of the sacred lands of this country and countries all over the world, have taught me about the significance of these places and spaces and the role that the unseen forces in nature play in keeping us all held harmoniously & tightly woven in this delicate fabric of life. Nature sustains us and each of us has a unique role in sustaining nature.

The work that he does selflessly with his family, his ancestors – the Kogis Mamas of Colombia – as well as his apprentices, and through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation (501c3), revives the original way of being to become more conscious and to do our part to learn how to harmonize, balance, replenish and revitalize nature and all that affects the creation. It is through application of the Original Living Wisdom & the loving act of passing sacred reciprocity from our hearts that this is accomplished.

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In sacred gratitude and sacred reciprocity I always remain with you,
Christina Pardos

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The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation truly and sacredly holds all humanity and all of creation. You can be part of that.

It is not only about passing laws & regulations to preserve and protect the planet or environment, it’s about application and taking action individually and collectively through natural functioning and the human interaction in relationship with the soul and nature.

I ask that you please read this through the eyes of your soul & receive this message in your heart to know that I am asking you to give from your heart a donation to this impeccable, honorable and invaluable foundation to perpetuate the ongoing life’s work of my mentor and to support the ancient cultures that still hold the wisdom of the land to ensure a future for the world to have the care-takers in place that are able to harmonize & balance what has become out of balance, disharmonious and negative.

This foundation lovingly supports the ongoing projects to do this and so much more through education, healing work, and the protection & functioning of sacred sites and sacred lands all over the world. I ask you to please, be part of something that truly & sacredly holds all humanity & all of creation.




If we tune our hearts

to the Mother,

We will care for Nature