Therapeutic Massage

When it is time to renew & replenish yourself, a therapeutic massage along with an energy clearing is very nourishing, harmonizing and balancing ~ not only for the physical body’s aches and pains, but also for the spirit. Each session is integrative, with a variation of dynamic modalities for you as an individual being.   

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Transformational Massage

Transformational therapeutic bodywork styles designed to assist your ever changing state of being.

Sessions may include an integration of many different modalities from rhythmic & relaxing Swedish, to Deep Tissue, to more interactive Thai Yoga stretches, Myofascial/Myoskeletal, Trigger Point, and Neuromuscular work. I use all natural and organic oils, customized aromatherapy & analgesics.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Nurturing and restorative, prenatal massage is focused on relieving muscle tension, back pain, joint & nerve pain, and anxiety.

Prenatal massage also reduces swelling and improves blood circulation and oxygenation to you and baby. Soothing essential oils that are safe during pregnancy are used to provide an additional therapeutic effect. Body positioning is side-lying with pillows.

Read about Christina's specialized training in prenatal massage.

Massage Prices

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Christina is a superior massage therapist. She demonstrates great care and concern for her clients. She goes beyond the physical and encompasses all aspects of the persons being.

The treatment in my home was wonderful and relaxing. She used modalities of active range of motion at one point to break up the patterns of stuck energy in my neck and low back. She gives great feedback and after my first session I was much improved and I have steadily made good progress with further treatments. I highly recommend Christina's holistic approach and for her excellent skills as a massage therapist.

Martha Gabriel