Spiritual Coaching & Massage

I have known Christina for approximately four years. She is an incredible practitioner. She not only takes care of body ailments but she also helps bring life to the soul. She carries with her a beautiful light that she easily transmits to you with her presence and work.

I began my Spiritual training with Christina's assistance over a year ago and the results have been beyond any expectation.  I came to her during critical times and with her assistance I have not only been able to recover the reigns of my life but also navigate my soul back to light. She provides unconditional love and support and is able to help you navigate the journey of looking into ones self to release all the obstacles that are holding the soul back from its full expression, she helps bring light where there's darkness.

I am forever grateful to Christina for giving me the opportunity of coming to this work and for introducing me to my Maestro Koginka Kamaru Xue and I hold in my heart the strong intent to continue my journey with her support and guidance.

~ Mariana B



Feeling Transformed

I have been seeing Christina Pardos for many years for massage therapy and energy work.  Her business is aptly named, because each time we have a session, I truly feel transformed.  Christina has worked to add to her skills over the years, and shares new findings and techniques so beautifully.  I've had several surgical procedures over time leaving me with a life-long challenge to stay flexible and well.  She has been such an important part of that process and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thank you Christina!

~ Dia




Mother turtle returns to ocean

Strong and Nurturing

Christina's hands are strong and nurturing. They work out deep knots and give welcome relief to painful areas. My neck, shoulders, hips and legs move more freely. I appreciate Christina's openness and flexibility when my needs change mid-massage. With her years of experience she's able to draw on different styles based on what she finds and what I request.

For example, Christina's hands glide with a light touch when she gives me a massage especially to calm vata energy. Then when my shoulders are tight, she'll use deep pressure to give me relief. I feel grounded, relaxed and energized after a massage with Christina.

~ Melinda Zipin



Spiritual Sessions

When Christina walks into our home, peace and serenity enter with her. A calmness that is so soothing. Her spirit has such positive energy. We have had several spiritual sessions. Every session has helped me physically, spiritually and emotionally.I feel like a load of bricks has been removed off of me.

She has helped my husband, family and friends in so many ways. Not just through her magical hands but also with her spiritual knowledge. She gives deep tissue to our bodies and souls.  Sometimes I need our spiritual sessions more than I do a massage. She always knows what I need just by looking at me.

She has taught me how to thank God. I have cried and talked to God in a way that has made me feel closer to him than ever before. My life has been so much more relaxed. Most days I don't get angry from other peoples words and actions. I look back and see how much I have grown with her help.

I thank God every morning and night for bringing her into our lives. May our journey continue in God's hands. May God Bless you always.

~ Phyllis G



Prenatal Massage

Christina is an intuitive massage therapist who is able to hold space and support her clients in a very deep way.  During my pregnancy I especially appreciated how she was sensitive to my comfort level on the table, offering alternative positions when she saw I was getting uncomfortable. Christina works with the body and energy of her clients. During a time when one may feel especially vulnerable or physical discomfort, her abilities are especially valuable.   
~ Tailer




A Superior Massage Therapist

Christina is a superior massage therapist. She demonstrates great care and concern for her clients. She goes beyond the physical and encompasses all aspects of the persons being.

The treatment in my home was wonderful and relaxing. She used modalities of active range of motion at one point to break up the patterns of stuck energy in my neck and low back. She gives great feedback and after my first session I was much improved and I have steadily made good progress with further treatments. I highly recommend Christina's holistic approach and for her excellent skills as a massage therapist.

~ Martha Gabriel