Massage Therapy and Insight Coaching in Your Home

What I enjoy about travelling to my client’s homes is that it’s a way that I may bring a peaceful experience to you in your own space. I find that in-home massages assist people to release stress and pain, tightness and soreness.

In-home sessions also create the space for holistic coaching that works with a person’s soul, including the clearing of negative energies. Sometimes clients who are open hearted yearn for assistance and support to go very deep into their personal process. I help people navigate and clear their way through the veils and afflictions that suppress their soul. That allows their soul to come forth and express, and take the lead in their life. And to connect more deeply with the divine source that has created our spirits.

A home is the sacred space where a person lives. Your home can be your healing space as well.

Serving  Miami/Dade,  Broward and  Palm Beach Counties
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  • Transformation Massage
  • &
  • Prenatal/ Pregnancy Massage
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  • To recover the soul
  • To develop consciousness
  • To build power in service to the Divine
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Koginka Sewaluna Foundation protects sacred sites and returns ancestral lands to indigenous wisdom holders....


When Christina walks into our home, peace and serenity enter with her. A calmness that is so soothing. Her spirit has such positive energy. We have had several spiritual sessions. Every session has helped me physically, spiritually and emotionally.

I feel like a load of bricks has been removed off of me. She has helped my husband, family and friends in so many ways. Not just through her magical hands but also with her spiritual knowledge. She gives deep tissue to our bodies and souls.

Sometimes I need our spiritual sessions more than I do a massage. She always knows what I need just by looking at me.

She has taught me how to thank God. I have cried and talked to God in a way that has made me feel closer to him than ever before. My life has been so much more relaxed. Most days I don't get angry from other peoples words and actions. I look back and see how much I have grown with her help.

I thank God every morning and night for bringing her into our lives. May our journey continue in God hands.
May God Bless you always.

~ Phyllis G